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Whale Photo Safari

Cruise along The Arch and the bay in our exciting speedboats with hydrophones onboard. Admire the enormity of giant Humpback Whales with our knowledgeable tour guides.

Cruise along The Arch, Lover´s Beach, the sea lion colony, and the Land´s End in our exciting speedboats before heading out in the search of the majestic humpback whales and observe them up-close in their natural environment. Feel the rush of seeing them shoot out of the ocean depths, launching high into the air and returning to the sea amidst a colosal slapsh. Hear the whale song through our state-of-the-art hydrophones while our Marine Mammal experts explain everything about these amazing creatures.

When it comes to whale watching, Cabo San Lucas is a worldwide hotspot. That’s because the waters surrounding Cabo are breeding areas and migratory stops for whales in the Pacific Ocean.

To help you get as close to these magnificent creatures as possible and take pictures to memorialize the moment, our expert tour guides here at Cabo Adventures proudly offer this one-of-a-kind Cabo whale watching tour.

Witness the awe-inspiring enormity and grace of humpbacks as big as 40–50 feet long (12–16 meters) up-close in their natural environment from our specialized, inflatable boats.

In our Cabo whale watching excursion, feel the rush of seeing humpback whales shoot out of the ocean depths, launching high into the air and returning to the sea amidst a colossal splash!

What To Expect

Duration and Availability

  • Daily (December 15th to April 15th)
  • 2 hours plus transportation


  • Water Stations
  • Hydrophones
  • Professional bilingual guides

Available for Purchase

  • Photos
  • Souvenirs
  • Round trip transportation
  • Private tour available

Essential Information

  • -Minimum age: 5 years old
    -Maximum weight: 250 lbs / 114 kgs
    -Guests with limited mobility and expecting mothers may not participate
    -Tour is subject to changes due to weather and sea conditions. We reserve the right to cancel a tour without prior notice for safety reasons
    -Due to the boat’s design, bathrooms are not available onboard
    -You should bring: comfortable clothes, biodegradable sunscreen, light sweater (winter months)
  • For safety reasons cell phones cameras and GoPros are not permitted
  • Expecting mothers may not participate


$89 USD


$69 USD

Private Tour

$2,149 USD

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