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Side By Side Adventure

Be prepared for the highlight of your vacation. This off-road adventure is focused on making you have the time of your life.

You will ride on desert trails that are a wild treat offering a new world to explore and you will have an exciting ride on two beautiful white sand beaches with huge dunes and magnificent views.

What To Expect

Duration and Availability

  • Daily.
  • 2 hours plus transportation to Migriño


  • Water
  • Round trip transportation
  • Safety equipment

Available for Purchase

  • Photos
  • Souvenirs

Essential Information

  • Ages 10+
  • Not recommended for: pregnant women, people with back problems, and recent surgeries
  • For safety reasons, no electronical devices allowed in the tour


$205 USD

1 Driver

$205 USD

1 Driver & 1 Passenger

$290 USD

1 Driver & 2 Passenger

$350 USD

1 Driver & 3 Passenger

$405 USD

  • Park entrance fee of $25 USD per person
  • Mandatory insurance of $45 USD or optional hold for $750 USD per vehicle

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