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Horseback Ride Beach & Desert

Enjoy a relaxing trot on a good horse and feel the sensation of the breeze touching your face while you admire the huge waves of the Pacific Ocean and great views.

We separate the tour in two groups depending your riding skills. Beginners and Novice Rides & Intermediate and Advanced. If you are a confident rider with a good control and comfortable at all places, then you belong to this category. Come and experience a picture-perfect ride through challenging mountains, desert trails and amazing flat open beaches.

What To Expect

Duration and Availability

  • Daily.
  • 2 hours plus transportation to Migriño


  • Water
  • Round trip transportation
  • Safety equipment

Available for Purchase

  • Photos
  • Souvenirs

Essential Information

  • Minimum age 6 years (1.20 m)
  • Limit age to ride 70 years
  • Weight limit 110 kgs (245 lbs)
  • Not recommended for: pregnant women, people with back problems, and recent surgeries
  • For safety reasons, no electronical devices allowed in the tour

Beginners & Novice Riders

$115 USD

Intermediate & Advanced

$140 USD

  • Park entrance fee of $25 USD per person
  • Optional protection benefits offered at check-in

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